Welcome to my world of dogs, running, wine, Texas, education, boating, crafting, fishing and photography

I’m an Oregonian recently relocated to Austin, Texas! This has been and continues to be a great journey! I write about what I love, this order varies;

My husband, Luke, we have been married 10 years and together almost 17… that’s a lot of stories

My chocolate lab, Max

Wine, ahhhh delicious vino

Running, road and trail

Education, I was a teacher for 13 years so I have a lot to say on the topic

Crafting, oh Pinterest has been very good for us!

Boating, around Texas

Fishing, I just caught my first one last week and it’s my new favorite thing!

Photography, this is my great passion

Look forward to our journey together!!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world of dogs, running, wine, Texas, education, boating, crafting, fishing and photography”

  1. My husband somehow stumbled onto your blog this morning and I would very much like to connect with you. I replied to your most recent blog (Oct. 22, 2015) … but I’m sure it is buried under the other 246 replies and am sure you can’t read them all! I’m putting my website in the window below because there’s a great deal there that is still my truth … but as you’ll see if you open it, it’s terribly dated!!! It was created by a talented friend in 2001 but unfortunately he got busy and moved before he could teach me how to update it! I started playing with blogging in 2009 … but as you’ve probably guessed, I’m a Baby Boomer … and we’re a bit slower move into the 21st century than our kids are!

    The reason I would really like to be in touch is that since I retired before I was ready to leave education, I’ve spent the past 15 years following a great many of the educators who were the policy makers behind the kind of education you are talking about in your Oct. 22 post. Sadly, many of these folks (now in their 60’s and 70″s) are feeling so discouraged about the political climate you speak of that they have literally given up. The reason I haven’t is that I wasn’t writing the books and setting the policies back in the 1970 and ’80’s … I was in the classroom READING their books … and doing staff development for young teachers like you who are carrying their ideas into the next century.

    Again, Elona, I would love to connect directly and “cyber-introduce” you to some of those people.

    Bette Moore
    Brookings, Oregon
    (That does refer to the year 2020 … because in 1998 I realized that the 4th and 5th graders in my class would be moving into positions of leadership in 2020 and I had better start preparing them for that. My story is somewhere on my old webpage …. ) Bette


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