Top 5 Tips to Supercharge Your Morning!


Mornings are a truly valuable time of the day! They can set us up as powerfully productive humans or cranky little trolls looking for happy hour before work even starts. Whether you commute long hours, work from home, a full-time stay at home, or a student continuing your education; these tips will help you get going!


Tip #1

Have a come-to-Jesus moment with yourself, are you a morning person or night owl? When do you feel the most energized, creative, and productive?

If it is not in the morning, that will guide you to make mornings more calm and relaxing. Starting the day with music you love, or reading in bed for a few minutes may just help you to shuffle out of bed without too many f-bombs. Save your energy for optimal productivity time for you, later in the day!

If you are an early-bird-gets-the-worm person, then your morning routines will be driven to be more action-oriented. It is important to get going right away if you have more natural energy in the morning. I was an elementary school teacher for a long time, so when I changed careers, I really tried to talk myself into working and working out in later in the day. Big bag of nopes. If I’m not up and productive by 6am, I feel like I can hardly catch up!


Tip #2

Prepare to prepare. My elementary school PE teacher, my first boss, my personal trainer, and like 12 majillion other people will all agree that preparation is the key to success. What that looks like will vary for each person, each family, each morning. Knowing what you’re going to be facing in the morning before you hit the hay each night, will help you prepare for the day. Talking to the other people in your home about the schedule the next day helps them prepare,  which also helps you, and also sets a good example if you have little ones.


Tip #3

What time do you need to leave the house? Start with that and work backwards so that you leave enough time for breakfast, getting ready, and preparing for the day.

Here’s an example from my schedule this week; I have to leave at 7:30am for a meeting, so I need to shower/get ready at 6:30am, take care of the dog at 6:00am, eat breakfast at 5:30am, take care of a few work items at 5:00am, read and gratitude journal at 4:45am.

Starting at the time I have to leave and thinking about all the things on my list that need to be done prior to me leaving the house helps me considerably.

If you’re not as excited about mornings as I am, then move a few tasks to later in the day so you can catch a few more winks.


Tip #4

Have breakfast already prepared, whether that means oatmeal and coffee or heating up eggs and vegetables that you meal-prepped previously, just have an easy plan for breakfast. You’ll save time from having to stop and grab something on the way, save money by having a yummy breakfast at home, as well as help yourself get a great start on the day with an important meal.


Tip #5

This last tip was something I learned about from one of my favorite authors and speakers, Mel Robbins. She was the keynote speaker at a conference I attended last fall, and she spoke about the importance of NOT HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON.  I know, I died too. I literally hit the snooze button about 4,000 times every day. I love the snooze!

As it turns out, that practice is actually detrimental to your sleep pattern and makes your mornings more sluggish for hours after you get up.

I decided to try out this ridiculous, horrible, obviously-wrong strategy and see for myself just how awfully incorrect she was.

For one whole entire week, I bounced out of bed at my first alarm. Often, I had to deploy Mel’s other fabulous strategy of counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and just doing the damn thing. I noticed a lovely difference in how awake I was at the get-go, I didn’t even need all the world’s caffeine to kick start the day!

That’s what I have for y’all, some fun tips to help set your morning off on the right note so you are best prepared to happily tackle whatever you have on tap! What other tips would you share? Share this article and comment to help your friends!


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