Making the Most of a Teacher’s Summer

This week on wEDnesday, Making the Most of a Teacher’s Summer

Did you leave your classroom this year, not cook for a week, and still have classroom supplies yet to unload from your car? Been there, sis.

One year, a loving family made me beautifully decorated pens, with tops of silk flowers, set into ‘soil’ of marbles in a jar. I was driving home on the last day of school and it tipped over. The entire jar of marbles spilled everywhere in my car. I was so overwhelmed that I refused to even drive my car for two weeks! Once I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of a cardigan in fourteen days, I recovered my senses and cleaned out my car. For the record, I sold that car five years later with two mystery marbles somewhere in there, you could only hear them sometimes, but then it was like a pinball game!

So what’s the balance between refusing to drive your car for weeks on end and rushing through the summer to start the fall more tired than when you left in June?

First, give yourself some grace! Breaks for teachers are time to recharge, so you can bring your best self back into the classroom. Second, the secret of a great, productive, restful summer is hidden in how we make the most of everyday during the school year. Planning. I know, I know, but let me make it as easy as 1, 2,3 for you!

  1. Fill in vacations and big events on your summer calendar. This way you will be able to see how many weeks you have available, when you’ll be unavailable, and can see what amount of time is feasible for finishing up that Honey-Do list you’ve been working on since the fall.
  2. Set goals for house projects, continuing ed classes, starting your side business, personal achievements, books to read, etc… What have you been looking forward to accomplishing this summer? Where in your daily and weekly schedule can you block out some time for each one of these? Focus on one or two at a time. Trying to finish your Masters while remodeling your house and house training a puppy is not ideal. Trust me.
  3. Leave time in your schedule for the September through June dream of impromptu activities! Take the kids to the park in an hour? Sure! Join you for Crossfit tomorrow morning? Why not! Read a smutty book and enjoy a glass of wine when you’re normally teaching reading? Yes ma’am! You can! It’s SUMMER!

The best part of planning during the summer? Instead of the classroom or staff room, try it poolside! Instead of that reheated coffee cup of warmish coffee, try a yummy beverage like a margarita (gasp!) or fruit-infused water! However you do your summer, make sure you have time to fully recharge your battery with the spirit that a teenager recharges their phone.

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