The Sunday of Summer: Welcome to the August Series!

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. 

A well-spent Sunday looks different in all of our homes; maybe it is grocery shopping for the work week, perhaps getting all the laundry put away, a languid brunch with besties, even a luxurious pedicure or some quiet family time. However we spend our Sundays, it prepares us for the week ahead. A rushed and busy Sunday often leads to a tiring and fast-paced week. A Sunday full of quality time and self-care may bring us to the work week a bit more relaxed. An equal balance of those two pictures are what most of us strive for, a Sunday of preparing and relaxing. 

Looking at the year’s calendar, August fis our Sunday of summer. It is the month when we wrap up vacations, get ready for the schedule of the fall, and squeeze the most amount of sunshine out of the days.

This month, I’ll be sharing my best tips, stories, resources, and strategies in making the most of your Sunday of the summer and a successful transition back into a routine. We all love summer because of the lazy pajama mornings, boat rides, beach trips, and sunsets. We can keep the feeling of rested days, quality friends and family time, and balance it with the schedules of life. Whether you’re a single gal, have a large family, and everything in between, everyone can benefit from organization tips to keep everything balanced, along with your sanity!

As a teacher for over thirteen years, these are areas that I explicitly taught my students, as well as trained teachers, and worked with families to refine their systems to save time and energy. Now as a business owner, education consultant, and CEO of all things Team Schreiner, these continue to be areas in which I coach families, educators, and entrepreneurs. 

This month, join me right here and on my social media, to take part in Sunday of Summer: The August Series.

Xo, Ellie


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