Busy Days and Beautiful Food; Part Two

Busy days and beautiful food, doesn’t that conjure up a picture of heaven? So, how does that actually happen in real life, the big messy life that rolls out everyday? Not on accident, and not alone. Last week’s article discussed the logistics behind planning out meals during our busy seasons. The ability to pull all that off takes some important relationships and personal advocacy.

The bridge between where we are right now and where we want to be is action. Many of us have wanted to plan ahead for meals, but find that we lack the time in order to get the grocery shopping, cooking, dining, cleaning, and storing all done, on top of everything else already on our plates.

 Where do we even start? We can do it all, just not on the same day, we need to have help in order to pull together our vision. Think about why you have decided to start planning meals, it’s not just the food on the table. Is it more family time? Save money on restaurant bills for more vacations? More time to work out? Change nutritional habits for better health? There’s a big dream attached to a change you have decided to make. It’s your big dream and it’s a big deal. A very big deal. 

Time to ask for help. 

From your family, from Pinterest, from articles like this, from a health coach, from your tribe. Whoever, wherever the help comes from, bring it on! You have this big dream of change through meal planning. You might need someone to watch your toddler while you run to three grocery stores during her nap time. You may need a financial advisor to help you decide how much you need to save to go get your MBA. You might need a friend to come over and walk through some recipes with you because it’s been a while since you cooked. You may need to remind your spouse to come home thirty minutes early so you can finish your workout before dinner. Ask for help. You’re worth it and so is your big dream. 

“Meal planning is not a big dream, it’s just food.” I’ve heard this before, ugh. 

First, it’s your dream, no one gets to tell you how to dream. Second, if planning ahead for meals we will eat anyways is the vehicle for more time to read to your kids, or build your new business, or finish that college course, then shame on anyone who makes that big dream sound small. 

Planning and prepping my meals ahead of time helped me finish my Masters while teaching full time, remodeling the house, caring for a new puppy, and serving on a contract negotiations committee. Planning and prepping my meals helped me change my health and be able to live without getting sick from allergens (I have so many fun food allergies!). Planning and prepping my meals helped me run two half marathons in three weeks. Connect with my brother. Bring dinners to friends with new babies or in cancer treatments. Learn new foods that I actually like. I can go on and on about the dreams I have been able to accomplish through meal planning. 

None of those dreams, running races, my Masters, etc… could have been possible without asking for help. My husband would go grocery shopping and turn on Crock pots in the morning. My friends would come over and chat while I prepped food for the week. My brother and I would send each other recipes and plan meals together. 

Cooking, eating together, planning weekly meals; sister, if these are vehicles to your big dream, go for it. Ask for help, your dreams are worth it and so are you. 

Xo, Ellie

*If you’re looking for a little help from some great humans, my friend Colleen Cleary has a workshop all on this topic!


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