Work-Life Balance and Other Fairy Tales

Work-life balance is this mythical being that exists in folklore and legend is passed down among our village elders. Nothing in the universe stays in balance all the time. Everything needs its turn, its season. Eventually all of our life events and important time commitments do balance out with our attention. In the meantime, how can we feel like we aren’t running a day late and a dollar short every single morning?

I’m sure there are people out there who do their hair EVERY DAY and have ironed clothes and clean houses even if I drop by unannounced and their children don’t swear in public. I’m sure there are. It’s just not me! If my laundry sits for a day, the world keeps turning. If there’s tumbleweed of dog hair that rolls across your shoe, I guess name it. My hair is always dirty, my dog barks too much, and there are two dead flies on the floor of my office right now. I was supposed to run 9 miles in my race training plan today, and I was mentally not capable, so I did 2 miles and planned a long run for later this week. It’s all good, let’s give ourselves some grace. 

We CAN do all the things, but sis, not all on the same day. My house can be spotless, with a beautiful dinner in the oven, I have killed it in my business, I’m refreshed by my workout, my hair is straight,  and my in-laws are all happy. Babe. It’s like physically and physics-ly impossible for allllll of that to happen all at the same time. And that’s ok. More than ok! 

We tend to get overwhelmed with the more that gets stacked on our plates. It’s easy to get there, especially with a big, full life! I have two bits of advice that continuously help save me from the drama of the overwhelm. 

First, give yourself grace. You’re doing the best you can. So am I. So is she. We all are doing the best we can! Release yourself from comparing someone else’s story to yours. You know your whole story! You probably don’t know the whole story of the classroom mom who happens to be at school in heels everyday or your sister-in-law who always makes the family’s favorite dishes every holiday. That’s ok, give her some grace as you dose a little to yourself too. 

Second, use a calendar or planner for all the things that impact your family. Whether that’s a Google calendar synced with your work calendar, a giant command-center calendar in the kitchen, or a sweet little Erin Condren planner; as long as your time commitments are written down, it’s all good! Every Sunday, we have a ‘board meeting’ to go over the weekly events and schedule requirements. When I can see it all visually, I can break down my time and where I have available pockets. I also use a strategy called, time blocking or color blocking. Check it out on Pinterest, or shoot me a quick message and I’ll share a real-time photo of my planner!

You got this, babe! You don’t need to balance all the things on all the days. Give priority to what makes you shine and builds the future you dream of today. 

Take care of you, 


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