Do You Need Motivation?

Have you ever seen someone’s accomplishment and remarked that they’re so motivated? Maybe the next line of thought is, how do they stay so motivated, there’s no way I’m that motivated, no really how do they stay motivated?

I’m not sure where this idea comes from that motivation is the key to accomplishment. Honestly, I don’t think that motivation has anything to do with success. We can achieve so much with absolutely zero motivation, we do it all the time! You have been to work after being up all night with the baby and still crushed it at the big meeting. You have dragged yourself through a pain-in-the-neck project and had the client rave about it. You have persevered through the hard times in your marriage. You have lived through those lean times when you truly couldn’t pay your bills but figured it out anyways.

No matter what you have been through, you have survived 100% of days, you have a fantastic track record!

Were you motivated to get though, survive, and thrive through all of that? Hell no! You did what you had to do, you had previous habits that got through those tough times. It’s easy to be “motivated” when it’s a beautiful sunshiney day full of love and giggles. But when it’s tougher than that, we still keep going.  The days that almost break you are the days that make you, sister. 

Habits are the new motivation! Instead of dreaming about this magical discipline that someone else has, let’s celebrate the habit-forming behaviors we are all capable of today! You already have habits to accomplish so much every single day; whether it is unloading the dishwasher, working out at the gym, or calling your mother every Sunday. You have the ability to form new and great habits that keep your life going. 

When there is something new you want to add or change in your life, the secret to being successful lies in your habits. It will take time to form a new habit, but that time will pass anyways, so go ahead and work on your thing!

So where do you even start? First, look to your circle of friends. Is there someone who is already successful at this habit you want to start? Ask them their advice! They’re your friends, so lean on them! Next, look to people you admire and maybe follow on Instagram. For example, Rachel and Dave Hollis are doing a Last 90Days Challenge. There is a TON of content for free to help you move some bad habits to the curb and break in some new ones! I’m actually super excited about this one, I’m following along and LOVE it so far! Another idea is to reach out to a coach or consultant who specializes in this habit. When I wanted to change my nutrition and fitness habits, I hired a holistic health coach who also was a certified running coach (shout out to my girl, Colleen Cleary!). There are a ton of resources out in the interwebs to help you if your tribe aren’t the ones to propel to this next phase. 

You got this, you have always got this, even on days it doesn’t feel like you do! Surround yourself with some positivity and keep working on the habit, the activity, and you’ll get to your goal.

Xo, Ellie

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