Summer Fun to Fall Fabulous

Most of the country tripped right through fall and straight to winter this year! That makes for a quick transition of our summer clothes and also for our skin. Just like our closets get a few changes for the new season, our bathroom cabinet does too. Even in the south, where we are still in second summer, the air will at some point will get colder, and we will eventually have another season! 

Check out some of my top tips to take your skin from having fun in the sun to falling in love with the skin you’re in!

  1. Thicken up!
    Time to trade in the lightweight oil-free moisturizer you’ve been using all summer to a thicker moisturizer for the colder months. During the summer, a great mineralized moisturizer is perfect because our skin produces more oil through the warmer weather. In the fall, our skin’s needs change to reflect the seasonal changes. A thicker moisturizer protects your skin from having the hydration and moisture stripped by wind, weather, and drying indoor heat.
    Consider a hydrating serum under your moisturizer to seal in your skin’s hydration, balance your personal hydrating needs, and then protect against drying elements. 

In addition to a thicker moisturizer and hydrating serum, think about keeping your lips and eyes protected from the cold and dry conditions. A lip serum and moisturizer are great ways to help heal and protect, plus keep your lips lipstick-ready. An eye cream will help to not only work on fine lines and wrinkles, but will also keep eyes from being itchy and dry and adding to discomfort. 

2. Don’t forget body care!
I often hear that people struggle with dry, patchy skin on their faces, and that concern extends through the body during the fall and winter. Our faces and hands are often the most exposed parts of our body, so protecting all of that skin is important. A good body lotion will help retain the moisture that you have, as well as protect against dry, cracked skin. We often wash our hands more during the colder months, with the kids all being back to school as well as an early flu season this year. After washing and sanitizing, make sure to also use body lotion. Cracked cuticles and hands can be places that germs can sneak into and transport into the home. 

3. Heat up and cool down!
It’s a cold morning, close to freezing. The alarm rings and we talk ourselves into leaving our warm bed only for a hot shower. So relaxing!
Only one teensy issue with that, hot water can be very drying on our skin. Dry skin lies! It can show premature signs of aging, become more sensitive and reactive, trigger more acne, and create a duller skin appearance.
Help your skin by washing it with lukewarm water. That can be as easy as bringing a wet, cooler washcloth in the shower, or washing your face after the shower and keeping your face out of the steaming hot water.

4. Heal post-summer marks!

Summer often makes its mark on our face, as well as in our memories. As Dolly Parton said, “Time is marches on, and sooner or later, you realize it is marching across your face.”
Dark marks, freckles, and other pigmentation  may be more visible now that we’re back in our routines and off the beach. Adding topical vitamin C into your routine helps to even skin pigmentation, which boosts collagen production and contributes to a brighter skin complexion. Partnering your vitamin C with retinol actually boosts the performance of both products.
Pro tip: these two products work the best when combined right before application, so look for these to be in separate opaque containers.

5. Back off on the exfoliation, sis!

During the colder months, the name of the skincare game is hydration and moisturization. Exfoliating less frequently will help retain those important components.
Physical exfoliation with scrubbing cleansers, as well as chemical exfoliation with retinoids, are still important, as exfoliation helps to unclog pores, increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen production, and help other skincare products to penetrate deeper. Using physical or chemical exfoliation agents less frequently will help you this fall!
Stay away from anything with crushed walnut shells, this is a popular ingredient but is so bad for your skin!

Look for a high-glide exfoliating cleanser with alpha-hydroxy acids or a sugar-and-salt formula with vitamins to smooth and brighten the skin. 

6. Last but not least, SPF!
Think of less as SUNscreen, rather as protection from UV rays. There are actually three kinds of UV, ultraviolet, rays. There are different ways that these rays impact us, both positively and negatively.
-UVC rays are mostly filtered by the ozone and do not make it through the atmosphere, so good news, we don’t need to worry about those unless we are at the space station!
-UVB rays are responsible for most sunburns (UVB- B for burns). It is most present during sunny days and the summer season, it also provides a lot of Vitamin D. During the winter, we don’t worry about this type of rays as much, although they are still present.
-UVA rays are the most abundant of the UV light (UVA- A for always). It does not increase Vitamin D levels, however it does penetrate clouds and fog as well as car windows. We are exposed to this type of UV rays throughout the year
Pro tip- use broad-spectrum SPF throughout the year to protect yourself from excess, damaging UV light, even on the days when it’s raining, snowing, and when the sky is gray with clouds.

Ok, babe, get out there and enjoy the fall with your best face forward! I’m here to help answer any questions, and maybe have a glass of wine while I do it!

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