Road to 26.2

Road to 26.2- 7 weeks 6 days

Monday, December 23rd- 7 weeks, 6 days to go

Part 1

I’m up before the sun and it is so cold omg! I lived in Oregon my whole life but as soon as we moved to Texas five years ago, my blood thinned right out! It’s 36 degrees so it’s a treadmill for me!

I made my schedule for the week ( busiest most amazing week!) last night, so I knew what time I needed to be up and running, and still make the rest of holiday magic happen!

I’m looking forward to my run today, it’s been two days so I’m restless. Plus I know I have a milestone run of 16 miles on Friday or Saturday (lol I can’t remember at this hour), so I need to the time on my feet this week in order to make my head and body match mindsets! My body knows what to do, it’s my mind I have constantly convince.

My runner friend makes himself run a hard sprint when negative thoughts pop up. I think that’s fabulous! The cure to any kind of negativity or doubt is always action, no matter the situation.  I’ll be using that tactic today!

Part 2

Great, easy run today! My guilty pleasure is watching my Bravo shows when I have to run inside, so I got caught up on all things Housewives today! This run was one of very few lately that was easy, I didn’t feel like a robot or the Tin Man, and I pushed my pace! 

After my run, I had breakfast then picked up some of my favorite humans to get in some Christmas crafting!

Tomorrow is a rest day, which feels weird and also luxurious! I run on Wednesday, which is Christmas day, so I’ll run at 6am in order to stick to my training and also host the family over for breakfast at 8am. 

Merry Christmas Eve Eve y’all!



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