Road to 26.2

Road to 26.2- Christmas Eve!

Road to 26.2

Tuesday, December 24th- 7 weeks 5 days to go

It’s Christmas Eve! My husband and I love Christmas so much, we joke that our house is Christmas Land! So excited to give everyone their gifts!

Last night, I received an incredible,  over-the-top gift that moved me to tears and I still cannot even believe it!

Before I tell y’all what my amazing husband and fabulous friend did for me, I need to tell you a tiny story.

Last winter, I ran two half marathons in under three weeks. The second one was the Austin Half, and it is a tough course. That entire race was rough for me and it was grueling to get through.

It was warmer on race day than I had been running in, we started the race at about 60 degrees. Once the sun was up, it grew warmer and warmer. Around mile 9, I knew I was dehydrated and struggling, even though I was taking advantage of Nuun and water at every aid station. There were hills, so many hills, including one at mile 12 where I took out my earbuds and yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK!”

It was a tough race to say the least. 

After I finally finished, and my runner friend DuWayne finished, we headed to another friend, Russell’s hotel room. He was doing the full, so we planned on hanging out together with all of our spouses until he finished. 

I was stretching, hydrating, and then began the process of changing. First I took my shoes off, such a relief! Then I took my socks off, and something fell out. I bent over to pick it up, and it was a SCREW!!!! A metal gd screw!! In my sock!! In my toe!! For 13.1 miles!!!

I had noticed that my toe kind of hurt at about mile 4, and again at mile 7,  but I figured my feet are just kind of going to be sore since I’m running so many miles and so soon after my other race. That was the story I told myself and I didn’t feel that pain again. 

Y’all.  This screw was firmly in my toe, so much so that I had a massive blood blister, I ended up losing my toenail, and I have permanent nerve damage in that toe! My screw toe! 

I told all of our friends, we have laughed so many times! We have remarked about the incredulous power of mindset, and that screw is physical proof. We all tell ourselves stories about our reality. That day, I told myself that the pain was just the miles I was running. I changed my reality with my beliefs. 

Every single day, we each wake up and tell ourselves stories of our identity, capabilities, and the reality of our lives. Why not tell a good story? Why not tell yourself a story that encourages you and motivates you? Why not dream the big dreams? Y’all,  we are telling ourselves stories anyways, make it damn good ones.

About last night… and this amazing present. We had the entire ohana over,  the friends who are the family we chose, we had a big dinner and cookie decorating session. After all the dishes were done and we’re all sitting around talking,  my husband and our friend Russell come in from the garage with silly smiles on their faces. 

Russell is the friend who I affectionately say, conned me into my first half marathon! He is an inspiring and motivating person, I admire so much about him. So many times in training that first year, I kept going because I did not want to tell Russell that I quit. 

Back to last night, Luke and Russell ask me if I maybe would like a present early or if I wanted to wait, of course I jumped up and down and said, “Now please!” 

They brought out a small box from an incredible jewelry store. I was in tears already. I opened it, and these amazing human beings that I get to do life with, made me something. 

Russell and Luke had taken The Screw, and had a custom jeweler make it into a beautiful piece of jewelry, complete with a very sparkly diamond! They took this symbol of determination and positive mindset, and turned into a beautiful and unique pendant! 

The timing of this could not be better, this close to my race is the toughest with training because of the sheer miles to run. I am just so moved that they would sneak around and pull off this incredible gesture.

Today, go all out in whatever you’re doing, and tell yourself a good story. A powerful story where you win. We all have the capacity to power through and tell ourselves any kind of story, even when it seems impossible,  we are made for more.

Merry Christmas Eve y’all!

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