Road to 26.2 Let’s Talk the Self-Talk

Road to 26.2

Saturday, December 28th- 7 weeks, 1 day until my first big ass race

“In the struggle, lies the joy,” Maya Angelou wrote this in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. 

I scrawled it on my arm during a half marathon last year, the power of the words and positivity of the statement brought me through some tough times during that race. I repeated it so many times that it became a tape that automatically played in my head whenever I would encounter something hard. 

Heavy dead lift? “Inthestruggleliesthejoy” 

Difficult family conversations? “Inthestruggleliesthejoy” 

Frustration at work? “Inthestruggleliesthejoy”

Pushing through my run when I’m tired?  “Inthestruggleliesthejoy”

I even started saying it aloud when working out, so much so that my trainer started repeating back to me. It became a powerful phrase we used with each other. 

Through all of this, I realized I had changed my self-talk. I changed how I speak to myself in good, bad, and sweaty situations. We all talk to ourselves all day, we start when we wake up with a story about ourselves and our abilities, and the internal dialogue continues all day. It can help or hurt how we go through our days. 

Think about the difference right when we wake up, the alarm rings and,

“I’m so fat, I shouldn’t even get up and go for a walk, it won’t change anything, God I’m so fat” 


“I feel great after a walk, I better get up do it right now, plus my new shoes are so cute!”

I know the difference in how a day will go with these ways of talking to oneself, I’ve said them all. Starting with negative self-talk keeps the negativity going all day and into the next. It’s like a slow poison that leeches energy from you. That negativity keeps you down, makes you live and love less than you’re made for. Your thoughts either help you to grow and bloom, or keep you buried. 

How do you get through the negativity and into the light? I can’t tell you what works for everyone, but what I can tell you is to start now. Maybe you just need a cute notebook and write down some positive affirmations every day. Maybe it’s listening to daily podcasts. Maybe it’s doing something big. Maybe it’s doing something small.

I moved across the country, lost myself, changed careers, found new friends, found myself, and now am 7 weeks and 1 day from running my first marathon. Positive thoughts, positive friends, and daily work and reading is what took me from not knowing how to even introduce myself, to now being able to push through 26.2 miles. You are capable of positivity. You are capable of positive action. You are capable and you have been made for more. 



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