Road to 26.2 Time to Rest!

Road to 26.2

Friday, December 27th, 7 weeks 2 days until The Big Day

Whew. That was a holiday, am I right? I took two days off all the things, you know other than cooking, cleaning, and wrapping all the thingssssssssss. One of the presents I received reinforced a message that the universe is pushing VERY hard for me to understand lately. 

(Side bar: when I say the Universe, I’m talking about energy, so if you say God, Mother Earth, Source Energy, Allah, we are all speaking the same language.)

That message is RECOVER. Rest, don’t quit. That last few months have been challenged by physical injuries, pain, and some personal struggles that forced me to actually stop. I have been feeling great about how I have been managing myself, I haven’t been overtraining, I have taken more rest days, been more vigilant about hydration + nutrition. However, the holidays happened. Does it feel like an alternate universe where time and space do not move in a linear fashion to anyone else? 

This present that is reinforcing this message of rest, is my new Garmin. It has a feature called, Body Battery. My previous Garmin watch did not have that data available. This week, as I’ve been cuddling my dog in my Rudolph onesie, I have been playing with my new toy and figuring out all the things. 

Yesterday, I arrived home from shopping and lunch with my in-laws. I happened to check my Body Battery. Y’all, out of an optimal 100, I was 0. The watch then cheerfully informed me that I had not had adequate rest in three days and that it was time to sit down. I thought back over the past few days and realized that I had not really had any down time. Queue the Friends binge-a-thon! 

Self-care is a buzz word lately. It is because we all live so fast that we let our body batteries get drained and don’t build in time to rest, recover, and recharge. These are essential parts that need to be a part of our daily lives. Whether it is an afternoon Friends fest, a night in, walk in the woods, a new pair of running shoes, or simply drinking more water; the recovery part of life is important. If you don’t make time to rest, your body will make sure that you do. It’s not a guilty pleasure to take time for you. Self-care is not selfish. 

We don’t drive our cars out of gas or let our phones die, there’s no reason to push yourself to that point either. 



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