Road to 26.2 You Can!

Road to 26.2

Monday, January 6th- 5 weeks, 5 days, 20 hours, 41 minutes, 1 second until The Big One

The first Monday of the new year, of the new decade! Here in central Texas, we have an added bonus of sunshine and bright blue skies, what my weather app calls, “abundant sunshine.” I’m here for it! I’m also here for all the stories in my social media feeds about people starting a new class at the gym, a new running challenge, new savings habits, or new recipes! I’m here for all of it!

Starting something new is scary! Whether it is a new job, new fitness routine, or even a new outfit, the newness of it often can produce some anxiety and stress. That’s all part of it, all the positive and negative thoughts, they’re all part of the new gig. A rollercoaster has to build altitude before the fun part. You’re just building altitude for the fun part!

When you’re going after a new level in your life, there will be discord, it won’t all be abundant sunshine. You can handle the difficulty of breaking through old habits and setting new ones in place. You can. You simply can handle it. You can succeed even though you’re scared or it takes longer than you thought or someone else leveled up before you did. What matters is that you keep going because you can. We don’t know what ride someone else is on, what altitude they had to build on their journey, so we don’t need to worry about that. We will stay in our own ride and handle how to build our own altitude, so we get through to the fun parts of achieving goals!

This week in my training, I am less than six weeks out and have to get my fuel dialed in. (If you haven’t read more on that, go to my post yesterday, Road to 26.2 Fueling Up) I have been intuitively doing a good job with eating enough to fuel my runs and workouts, but now that I’m this close, I wanted to be sure so I’m specifically tracking water and protein. This means planning ahead each meal and snack all week. I have done this before with great success, more energy, etc… however the act of starting something new gave me some anxiety. One thing that I did differently is to talk to my husband, and discussed the what, when, why of my increased fuel. He is extraordinarily supportive and really is happy if I’m happy, but it helped me to be able to tell him about the plans in advance. I typically plan our dinners and get his input, this time I told him that we will mostly likely be eating different things and at different times for the next few weeks. Of course, he was fine with it. I wasn’t asking his permission, or anything like that, just working together and communicating as a team. 

 I have a small amount of guilt at having the marathon take up so much of our lives, so it REALLY helped me to talk it through with him and have the reassurance AGAIN that he is happy that I’m happy, and that he will support me in any way that he can. And when I’m eating 42 million ounces of chicken and veggies, I won’t be mad that he’s enjoying his pepperoni pizza!

Have a great week, I hope you are brave enough to start something new and to keep going through the anxiety and being scared. You can be successful, just keep going. 



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