Road to 26.2 Your Race, Your Pace

Road to 26.2

Tuesday, January 7th- 5 weeks, 4 days until my first marathon

This morning, a few quotes and phrases came to mind as I was running. I ran at home on my treadmill this morning, it is cedar season here in Hill Country, which means that the pollen from the Mountain Cedars is so thick that it appears the trees are smoking. The air lately has been hazy, the sky looks like similar to wildland forest fires. Nope. Just a whole mess of pollen. 

So I was running earlier today,  glanced at my watch to check my pacing, and y’all it was FAST! Not fast compared to my friend, not compared to Kara Goucher, not compared to myself in high school. However, guess what? I wasn’t comparing myself to any of those people. I was comparing my time today to my last run because that’s the only legit comparison. 

One of the quotes I thought of is that, “Comparison is the death of joy.” Not just a thief of joy. The death of it. Ms. Rachel Hollis tossed that out in one of her books, and Jesus, she is right. Comparing ourselves to our neighbors, moms at school, friends from high school, even ourselves ten years ago is the DEATH of joy. It takes you out of the present and kills the joy of the fabulous and amazing moments at hand. 

Another thing I thought of on my run is from Dave Hollis. (Omg, I promise this is not sponsored by the Hollis family, I just happen to have thought of these folks today.) So Mr. Dave Hollis is running his first marathon this year, and it happens to be the same marathon that I am running for my first! He posts a lot about his runs, and his times as well. The man runs a half marathon in about half the time that I run 13ish miles. I had a brief moment a few months ago where I was not sure if I really had any business running a marathon being this slow. I mean, Dave Hollis will finish in approximately half my time. And he just started running in the last year. I’ve been running longer, putting in a ton of work at the gym, and I’m still this slow, and on and on. Deep breath. 

Dave Hollis talked about a fixed mindset thinks of effort as fruitless without mastery, whereas a growth mindset thinks of effort as a path to mastery. This is what I thought of this morning. I’m on the path to mastery, I’m putting in effort. It’s going to be ok, I’m not comparing my path to anyone else’s. I’m here for my own path, my own mastery. My race, my pace.  The only things I want fixed in my life are my appliances and car, I’m here for the growth everywhere else. A mindset of growth, personal growth, relationship growth and development, I’m here for all of it. 

Today, what if you just didn’t compare your path and experiences to anyone else? What if you stayed in the present and appreciated the kick assery that’s going on for you? What if your effort is the magic? What if you just keep going and soak up the joy of each step?

So, go. Go run fast. Or slow. Or walk. Or row. Or stretch. Or whatever, just go. Your effort is your path to mastery.

And take an allergy pill, y’all those cedars are bad.



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