Road to 26.2 Risky Business

Road to 26.2

Tuesday, January 14th- 4 weeks, 4 days until I run the Austin Marathon

When did risky become a reason for no? When did we decide that not knowing the ending meant that we couldn’t begin? Why do we feel like we need to be assured of success before we will commit?

I feel that 100%. I am naturally overly cautious, aggressively nurturing, scared of the ‘what if,’ and a tendency not to participate if I can’t win. Those feelings build a large, warm, sweet comfort zone. I’m fully protected from the big hairy scary things, they can’t reach me there. The problem is that those feelings do not allow for growth. “Comfort is the casualty of growth,” my good buddy Dave Hollis said that, and dang if it’s not totally true. We cannot grow when we are tucked firmly inside of our comfort zone. When we don’t grow, we don’t improve. When we don’t improve, we keep making the same mistakes and settling for less than we’re worth. 

Let’s take another kind of example, outside of the hairy scaries of self-development. Let’s talk about a new job. You were just hired for a great job, you’ve been dreaming of this job, and it’s perfect! Your new boss and colleagues love you and are as excited for you to begin work as you are to start working! The last piece of the puzzle is your salary. You’ve done your research, you know what other professionals like you earn, you know what similar positions pay, so you know about what your new company will offer you. The offer letter comes. It is less than half of what you were expecting; not only will it not pay your bills but it falls far short of the improvements you were going to make at home for your family. How could do this to you? You’re worth more!

Now. Take money out of the equation. When you live small, stay safe, do the same thing you’ve always done, blame others for your circumstances; you are selling yourself short. You’re worth more!

Whether the change you know you need to make is in your health or relationships or finances, you’re going to have to take a risk. You will have to trust yourself and have faith in the process. You won’t know how it’s going to work out. You just won’t, that’s what trust and faith are about. You have to take the leap of faith anyways because you’re worth more than shortchanging the only life you have. 

I look at the best decisions that Team Schreiner has made, I see that they were scary and produced the most amount of changes during the process. Every big accomplishment that I can proudly point to was at one point a terrifying cliff jump. 

Y’all, I have no idea what will happen during my first marathon. I have no clue how I will feel, what the successes or challenges will be. I’ve never ran one before. All I can do is prepare and keep going. I have trained my ass off, and have just one long training run left before my taper. If I told y’all that I don’t worry or have anxiety, I would be a big fat liar. I keep taking risks and know that whatever happens, I will learn and grow and be successful.

Many people have tried to talk me out of the marathon, have not been supportive, questioned me at every stage, and in general, wanted me to live small. I don’t know the end of this chapter, I just know that I’m proud of the risks I’m taking and the lessons I’m learning outside my comfort zone. I’m made for more and so are you.




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