Road to 26.2 We Can Do It

Road to 26.2

Thursday, January 23- 3 weeks, 2 days until I get to run 26.2 miles

Last weekend, I ran a wonderful half marathon! It was a sunny race, a mostly flat course, and fully supported by my family and friends! I was more than prepared, felt great all race, and earned myself a Personal Record by running my fasted half marathon to date! 

So why did I feel sad this week?

The journey, the push, to get to this place in my health was HUGE and it all caught up with me. This was the race that I ran last year as my first half marathon is over a decade, it was the culmination of learning how to love my strength and abilities, rather than hate my size. It was a race that I ran after one of my best friends lost her mother unexpectedly. It was a race that I was sure that I could not even run, yet still did. 

This year, this race was the one that proved to me that I could work hard and train through anything. I healed some pretty devastating injuries and personal events this year. I kept training and healing through all of it. 

Last week I ran a half marathon, and tomorrow I will run my last training run of 20 miles. This marathon is certainly the largest physical commitment I’ve ever attempted, and somehow the emotional gains outweigh the physical ones by far. I get what full gratitude and joy feel like. I know that I can be at the bottom of sadness and still keep going. I know that the path never gets easier, we just get stronger. There is no ceiling on how strong, capable, grateful, and joyous we can be. 

What can you overcome this week? What can you persevere through? How can you care for yourself through honoring your capabilities?



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