Road to 26.2 Body of Work

Road to 26.2 Friday, January 31st- 2 weeks and 1 day until I get to run the Austin Marathon Body. Image. I have written a few articles, along with more than a few social media posts about body image. I am incredibly passionate about this topic because I recently came through the other side of… Continue reading Road to 26.2 Body of Work


Road to 26.2 The Skinny

Road to 26.2 Thursday, January 30th- 2 weeks and 2 days until my body is bad ass enough to run 26.2 “You must be so skinny, running all those miles!” Yes. I have trained for two years, and six days a week for the past five months to just lose weight. What? Isn’t there more?… Continue reading Road to 26.2 The Skinny


Road to 26.2 Fueling Up

Road to 26.2 Sunday, January 5th- 5 weeks, 6 days until I get to become a marathoner Food is love, love is food, am I right? I love to cook and it’s a way that I love to celebrate holidays, gatherings with friends and family, and just share good times with people I love.  Food… Continue reading Road to 26.2 Fueling Up