Road to 26.2 The Recap

Road to 26.2 Thursday, February 27th- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Y’all, this journey to run my first marathon is in the books! I can hardly even believe that I was able to do it, and I’m so excited about what is to come!  I’m about to dive into the race recap, but before I do, please know… Continue reading Road to 26.2 The Recap


Road to 26.2 Body of Work

Road to 26.2 Friday, January 31st- 2 weeks and 1 day until I get to run the Austin Marathon Body. Image. I have written a few articles, along with more than a few social media posts about body image. I am incredibly passionate about this topic because I recently came through the other side of… Continue reading Road to 26.2 Body of Work


Road to 26.2 Risky Business

Road to 26.2 Tuesday, January 14th- 4 weeks, 4 days until I run the Austin Marathon When did risky become a reason for no? When did we decide that not knowing the ending meant that we couldn’t begin? Why do we feel like we need to be assured of success before we will commit? I… Continue reading Road to 26.2 Risky Business