The Value of Connection

Happy November! Can y’all even believe it is the eleventh dang month of 2019!? This weekend, we kicked off November and the beginning of The Official OMG Holiday Season with friends and family. We were out of town for most of the weekend, and I had to make some adjustments in our schedule so that I could still get in my training, (yes, I’m training for a marathon, no this article isn’t about running so keep reading). 

One of the reasons I was so committed to getting in my training runs in the midst of the Halloween, out-of-town, month-end hectic crazy town, is because of the challenge I have been doing for the past five weeks. I signed up for Rachel Hollis’ Last 90 Days Challenge, and have actually stuck with it. I write five things that I’m grateful for, ten dreams I want to come true, and a few more things (check out the Last 90 Days here).  After the first week or so, it was no longer awkward and in fact, very helpful to set my intentions every day.

I have noticed that not only am I more intentional about my daily activities, but that I’m also more connected to my people. One dream I write down is that, “I’m an exceptional wife!” Spoiler alert, I got the idea from Ms. Hollis and decided it was so great I had to steal it! Anyways, back to me being an exceptional wife. I have found that I will say and do little things that an exceptional wife would do, because if that’s who I am, then my actions demonstrate that, right? One teensy example is my husband’s boots. They’re huge, he takes them off in the living room,and leaves them there. Lately, instead of asking him (AGAIN!) to move his boots, I give the hard-working guy a break and just put his boots in the laundry room. It’s not an earth-shattering big deal, but it’s one small thing that has made a positive difference.
Another dream I write every day is that, “I am patient with family!” I mean, who doesn’t need more patience with family? I have a tendency to aggressively nurture my loved ones and then get frustrated when my advice is not heeded. Lately, even when I step into helicopter-status, I can step back and not let the interaction impact the rest of my day. Of course, I’m not perfect and won’t ever be, however if I can raise my intentionality and that improves my connection with my family, then it’s all gravy. 

This month, I’ll be sharing ideas here on the blog as well as on my Instagram page and Facebook page , about how to connect with yourself, your people, and your beautiful LIFE! Please join me here and on the socials as we head into this last 60 days of this decade!

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